Sanzheyka Lighthouse


The history of "Runaway lighthouse"

Sanzheyskyi lighthouse is located in the village of Sanzheyka in Ovidiopol district of Odesa region.

On the shore of the Black Sea, next to a dangerous place for ships, where the undercurrents of the Bosphorus Strait and the Strait of Kerch join together - a military point of Sandzak was established in 1792. It consisted of dugouts and a watchtower, where the soldiers carried the military service.

Sanzheyskyi lighthouse - the saviour of the ships

To warn the ships during the day the naval flags were hung on the tower, and the signal lights were hung at night. All of that served as the prototype of the lighthouse.

Sanzheyskyi Lighthouse was founded in 1921. It stayed there for a long time, before the war began in 1941. Later, the tower was demolished in the waters of the Black Sea, and in 1956 it was decided to build the new Sanzheyskyi lighthouse.

Because of the natural coast destruction, the building of the lighthouse was moved 80 meters from the coastline in 2010.

"Sandzak" is derived from the Turkish word "Sechdzhak", which means "a place or area intended for a specific purpose."