Zatoka: A sand spit with beautiful beaches

Zatoka is a little town in southwestern Ukraine. The town has a local beach resort and a small port of Buhaz located on a sand foreland of the Dniester estuary where the Dnister flows into the Black Sea.

Zatoka is located 60 km from Odesa and 18 km from the city of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Odesa region, in the historical region of Budjak.

The name of the city means “bay” in Ukrainian and remains popular among lots of people who spend their summer vacation here. Today, Zatoka is one of the fastest growing resorts on the Black Sea coast.

This strip of sand, stretching for twenty kilometers, has always been considered an excellent spot for relaxation: lots of open space, beautiful sea, bright sun and the estuary microclimate that brings the smells of southern steppe.

Beaches more than 100 meters wide

Throughout the spit there are beautiful clean fine sand beaches which are more than 100 meters wide. Zatoka’s remote location from industrial centers makes it one of the most environmentally friendly resorts on the Black Sea coast.

Zatoka is also a popular destination for wind- and kitesurfers thanks to the junction of the winds coming from the Black Sea as well as the Dniester and the Shabolat estuaries.

Most of the lodges and cottages are located just a few meters from the shoreline. The high season begins in mid-May and lasts until mid-September.

Zatoka is famous for its safe beaches and golden sand. A flat seabed creates perfect conditions for swimming.