Wine Culture Center Shabo


Shabo, vineyards and winery

Shabo is situated in Odesa region in the south of Ukraine. It is one of the oldest parts of Europe where viticulture tradition develop since the ancient times. In 1822, Shabo was founded by the Swiss settlers as a winemaking colony.

Shabo Wine Culture Center is a tourist site in Ukraine located between the vineyards and winery. It possesses a large high-tech enterprise, two hundred year old wine cellars, wine depository with a total area of 10,000 sq. m, a unique museum, an art ensemble "Trilogy of Vine", museum theater and modern wine tasting rooms. Furthermore, the place boasts exceptional works of architecture and an exhibition of the landscape design.

Curious facts

Shabo tours are very diverse and exciting. Visitors have opportunity to take part in wine tours, weekend and family tours, natural history tours and educational programs to learn about sophisticated drinking culture. Shabo wine boutique presents over 70 kinds of the highest quality products of the «Shabo» TM line. Here you can find original wine and souvenirs from Shabo.

Shabo Wine Culture Center was recognized as the Tourist Discovery of the Decade in April 2011. It was named the “Cultural heritage of Europe” and included in the European map of wine museums in September 2011 by the recommendation of the Council of Europe.